Launching signup to our FaceBook followers

With in excess of 1000 messages sent via the system we are now ready to Open the doors on this website to the general public. We are offering all of our trusty FaceBook fans the privilege of securing their email ahead of the crowds.

Beta testers with @WyreMail addresses

Started using email addresses for selective BETA testers and family and friends, apologies in advance if you weren’t selected

Test enviroment created & Domain name chosen


After successfully setting up our test environment Internally we started looking at domain names and decided on the name Well its simple really isn’t it, We’re UK based so a reflects this, We’re offering this service to the Wyre forest and surrounding ares, hence the Wyre, and its a mail service Ta Dah!


Started the ball rolling

Started discussing and testing the concept of offering a free localised email service that had anti spam and virus scanning as standard.